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We build omichannel web/mobile/IoT/AI solutions to help you reach your business goals.

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Web Apps & Platforms

We help you engage with your customers, potential customers, and users by implementing the right channel solution whether it be a CMS backed responsive website, a single page web application, or a novel IoT platform.


AI, Computer Vision, Automation

We build core software technologies that help your business solve key problems. Using a QMS and best software engineering practices, we can bring your innovation or research to life. We are able to design software to IEC-62304.


Professional Tech Services

Technology is essential in any business strategy and can be a force multiplier when implemented well, or a liability when not. We can help your business navigate the opportunities, risks, and complexities to accelerate your business.

Part-time CTO

We can provide part-time CTO services for companies that are either too small for a full-time position or require an interim solution for the moment or to lead a specific project.

Technology Consulting

The right path in tech is often counter-intuitive. We can help navigate the complexity and formulate strategic clarity to ensure your limited capital is deployed prudently.

Software R&D

We specialise in building software from the ground up. We are in our element developing unique software technologies. Let us handle your software challenges.

Mobile Apps

We build cross-platform mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Websites and WebApps

We build single page web applications and both static and CMS backed websites.

Support & Maintenance

We help support and maintain your existing software or software we have built for you.


Relationships are paramount

We understand the value of relationships

The best outcomes are grounded in effective collaboration. Key to this is the foundation of trust and it’s something we strive to develop with our clients. Our clients trust us because we truly believe great outcomes for them is the foundation of our business so our interests are aligned.

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Passion is key

Our passion for technology helps us innovate

Being passionate about technology helps us keep up to date with the latest developments in technology. This constant learning helps us incorporate innovations when working on projects and products for our clients. Consistent innovation is a key value we offer that is not so easy to find elsewhere.

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Why work with us

We're quality focussed

We care deeply about proper software engineering practice and employ a Quality Management System.

More than code

Innovation rarely occurs just looking at code. We take a wholistic approach to helping you innovate and achieve the best outcomes.

We're affordable

Our lean and efficient operations mean we can pass on the savings to you without reducing quality.