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We offer a full-range of best practice QA & Testing services
Web Applications Testing

We can ensure your web-based or mobile application works properly, meets user expectations, and offers excellent performance and security. Our team has experience with many browsers and tools for efficient testing.

Mobile Applications Testing

With years of experience in the testing of mobile applications, we detect and prevent even the most unobvious and hidden bugs that may spoil the user experience. We ensure that your application is tested for all critical aspects.

Desktop Testing

Flynk can test desktop apps to ensure top-notch usability, functionality, performance, and security. As a result, you ensure consistent quality on any device to guarantee perfect usability and bug-free operation.

Manual Testing

In addition to automated testing, you’ll need to test the user experience and ensure that unexpected and nuanced issues are identified and raised. In fact, manual testing should be part of any high-quality software testing program.

Automated Testing

The Flynk QA team has extensive experience in the automation of the QA process. Automated testing can be the most cost-efficient solution to ensure consistent functional quality and expand testing coverage.

Technical Writing

To ensure the most effective software quality assurance process, it is important to have complete and transparent product requirements. Flynk can help you document your product requirements as part of the creation of test plans.


Achieve High-Quality Software with ease


Scale your Testing Capacity

Flynk can help with the launch, support, and management of high-quality products by offering the ability to easily scale your QA team on demand. Additionally, we can help with scaling your QA staff by hiring dedicated team members for your specifications and further support the team with training and processes.


Increase Product Quality

In-depth testing is essential for any digital project to succeed. By using a specialist provider such as Flynk, you can access a greater depth of expertise, tooling, and best-practice than can easily be built and maintained in-house. Don’t let the challenges of managing a QA team internally spoil your user experience and business.


Achieve Faster Time-to-Market

Decrease downtime and reduce testing time when outsourcing your QA process. Our proven testing practices and test automation tools allow us to address issues and meet goals more efficiently whilst simplifying your product development operations and management and recruitment burden. Access QA experts on demand easily.


We can help you with every aspect of testing your software
Regression Testing

Before every release your systems should undergo regression testing. This type of testing checks that any new changes have not broken something else in the system. We will conduct broad tests to ensure your software quality is maintained with the new changes.

Load and Performance Testing

We will work with you to understand the characteristics of your applications load so that we can replicate it under test conditions. From this benchmark, we can increase the load gradually to identify the maximum load capacity of your systems checking such indicators as system throughput, latency, stability, and data loss and ensure the current systems have adequate capacity.

Integration Testing

Integration testing is concerned with the operation of the system as a whole, with particular focus on the discrete components within system interacting together as expected. Since some systems are complex, this may involve emulating some parts of the system that is difficult to test and not a key concern, e.g. sending SMS messages.

Unit Testing

Unit testing is a type of testing that is low level and in the code base. This means it must be done by developers and ideally as part of the development workflow. Flynk has a team of developers ready to assist in writing comprehensive units to meet your requirements. Unit testing is important especially where a high degree of coverage is required or when a portion of code is highly complex and often tests code at the function/component level. Unit Testing is essential for good software development and allows errors to be found in the code logic at an early stage, and thereby minimizes the cost of fixing them.

UI/UX Testing

Software quality is not just about business logic and functionality. The user experience is a major factor in the success of any software application. To support high-quality software development, Flynk can review and test the user experience and user-friendliness of your software application. We will test your product from the user’s perspective and assess its main aspects such as its structure, ease of navigation, usability, etc. with the results of the testing we will inform you of friction points and suggestions for improvement.

Functional Testing

We will itemize the use-cases and functionality of your system then organize tests to ensure each works as expected. By mapping these use-cases and functionalities to your business requirements, we can help you ensure that there is sufficient functional test coverage. For system changes, we will pay extra attention and detail to the new functionalities to ensure the new release meets expectations.


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